Wow, has it really been a week?  Seems like only a couple of days since I wrote my last column.   We spent 7 glorious days at the beach and it was fabulous!!  I hated to come back.  I did not watch a single episode of DOOL or GH the entire time I was gone.  I did however watch all 5 episodes Sunday afternoon and evening.  So on with the chatter. 

I am really digging the Courtney/Jax pairing.  Has anyone else noticed Courtney looks almost identical to the Florida school teacher Debra LaFave that was caught having sex with her 8th grade student!   Every time I see Courts I think of that Florida teacher.  Jax is starting to melt away my disdain for his character as he continues to romance Courtney.  I am still not ready to completely forgive him for his treatment of Skye, but I may be able to at some point in the near future.   I laughed as Courtney kick-boxed ole Faith (once again).  Those two have fought so much I wish Pratt and Guza would just go ahead and put them in a ring.  I am sure they could think up a plot to accommodate it.  How about since they dropped the GH Nurses Ball, they could do a Port Charles Celebrity Boxing Match? 

Courtney vs. Faith   

Carly vs. Lois 

Alexis vs. Heather

Ric vs. Jason

Sonny vs. Jax

Bobbie vs. Monica

Emily vs. Mary

Nikolas vs. Lucky

Tracy vs. Helena

Ned vs. Alcazar

Georgie vs. Sage 

You get the picture.  Everyone could just beat the crap out of each other, best man/women wins and then we donít have to watch violent shit every other day for a whole year!!!  Sounds good to me. 

Mary is Loco.  That is all I have to say. 

Emily still gives me the urge to purge every time she looks at Nikolas with her over-glossed lips and describes their love. 

Rick and Alexis need to hit the sheets.  I think they are a fabulous couple.  I was never totally sold on the Liz-Ric combo, I donít know why.  It had nothing to do with Lucky.  I think maybe it was because Ric did some really despicable things to Liz more than once, and each time she forgave him like he had just forgotten to close the front door.  I just donít think Guza and Pratt have any concept of how the female brain works. 

I kind of like the idea about a possible Sam/Jason pairing.  I like Jason and I like him with Sam.  Sam is a no-frills what you see is what you get kind of girl.  I knew the sanctimonious/ never live by the mob rules- Courtney would never work with him. 

I am a bit confused as to how they are going to age Michael.  I guess they are gonna just do it.  It seems to me they would need to also age Morgan, Kristina and Samís Baby.  I guess Sam will just have the longest pregnancy known to man.  Michael was 7/8 when she was conceived, 13 when she was born.  Thatís soaps for ya.  Gotta love it. 

For any of you that are interested DOOL has be completely enthralled. I did about fall over when I heard the current story line of Salem Island would carry over into next year, but I still watch everyday.  My guess is that it is Peter Blake behind the Salem Island Mystery.  I donít know why I think that, just have a feeling.  I would love to hear your opinion, so if you watch DOOL let me know. 

Have a great week!



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