Mecurial Mercurio  By Sherry Mercurio
June 4, 2002

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As you know, I was behind so some of these are a little old but I felt they were worth mentioning anyway.  Reach way back in your memory with me to the day that… 

Gia went to Courtney for help with her “legal woes”.  First thought was huh? Second thought was no way would Gia trust the person who knows she ran that stupid red light in the first place with the knowledge that she intends to hire someone to break into the PCPD and steal evidence.  If they want to make these two friends, fine, but let’s be reasonable.  Gia isn’t so stupid that she would go advertising her plans to anyone who didn’t need to know.  She used to be a blackmailer – she knows better than that. 

Laura and AJ’s conversation on the docks was great.  It made sense, the writers used some history, and the acting was good.  It was nice to see Laura interacting for real for a change.  She’s lately been relegated to being a bit part, which is not appreciated by me.  And AJ was almost convincing me.  That’s the beauty of AJ for me; I literally waver back and forth every time he’s on screen.  Is he just out to get Sonny and using Mikey to do it?  Sometimes it appears to be exactly that.  Then he shows true emotion and you can’t be sure anymore that it’s an act to help him gain his goal.  Right now I’m sitting firmly on the side of AJ concentrating on getting at Sonny so he doesn’t have to deal with his real feelings about the father he has been.  Because AJ has made mistakes.  Not that I’m saying he should be cut off from his son forever, but he really has made some dumb moves.  And back when the writers had Carly and Mikey with AJ, they definitely wrote things to slant toward AJ not really being that interested in the child.  AJ would have his best shot at getting to be in Michael’s life if he just stopped scheming to get him.  And getting out of the Q house has got to be a great start.  AJ may be completely justified in yelling forever about the injustice of Sonny raising his child, but AJ had a hand in letting that happen and he hurts himself by doing further things he can get caught at.  Not fair, but still the reality at this point.  Personally, I’m tired of the custody thing and just wish they’d get on with the inevitable “AJ saves Mikey’s life with no ulterior motive of getting him back which makes everyone rethink Mikey’s need to know his real father” thing and be done with it. 

Nikolas and Gia search Taggert’s entire office with their bare hands.  Then Nik puts on gloves to place the money in the drawer??  I suppose an argument could be made for “Why would I leave fingerprints everywhere but ON the money??  It therefore wasn’t me!!”  But I’m not buying it.   

I’m also not buying that everyone who watches that tape rewinds it to the exact same spot for their next viewing.   

I watched the scenes between the Alan, Monica, Edward, Jason and AJ with great interest.  I liked that whole interaction even though it was sort of like watching a horror movie.   “He won’t kill you right here in front of all of us AJ”.  The whole thing was funny in a twisted up kind of way.  I watch those scenes and think no wonder AJ is so flippen screwed up, Jason is basically caught in the middle and Alan and Monica share much of the blame.  It’s fascinating when you think about it.  Jason’s accident sealed the way for him to always be the “what might have been child” and that was basically AJ’s doing.  But all of that seals the way for AJ to never be able to be quite good enough.  And Alan and Monica have basically sucked at getting any balance between these two, but I almost can’t blame them either.  How is a person supposed to deal with one son basically ruining the other son’s (in their eyes anyway) life?  And even if they truly never held anything against AJ, he’d probably have enough guilt to ruin himself anyway.  That’s what makes Courtney and AJ’s relationship so fascinating to me right now; will the “no strings attached” love she offers actually fill AJ up?  And do I even want it to?  What happens to the character then?   

Ummm… My first clue that Maxie was not going to make it as a waitress was her high-heeled sandals.  Why wouldn’t Felecia have mentioned to her that there are more appropriate shoes for the job?  Whoever that lady was that told Flea to get Maxie out of there (is that Tammy??) deserves to have her face in the show opening long before NuMaxie’s should be considered.   Maybe I just hold onto things for too long (I admit I am resistant to change as a rule) but every time NuMaxie opens her mouth I spend the whole scene thinking how much more I would enjoy it if the real Maxie was there.  

Carly asked Sonny what she saw the night of the accident was just “a little show you two put on for me?” ???  Had she called before she showed up then I might think that made sense.   

Jason and I obviously agree completely about Sarah’s scintillating conversations. 

Lucky actually got himself a new gardener like I suggested and his whole head looks much, much better.  I also think ridding himself of Liz has made him slightly less annoying.  He talked to Felecia like a grown up and I don’t think he yelled once.  And except for NuMaxie being there, the scenes in his room were tolerable.   

Liz and Sarah.  Hmmm, how should I approach this?  I hate their giggling and I hate their exercising. Sarah should be offended that the only reason Liz has any interest in building a relationship with Sarah all of the sudden is that she has NO FRIENDS anymore.  Liz should be offended that Sarah is a liar whom obviously has issues with many of her co-workers.  When’s the last time you have had a co-worker accost you on a walk?  I’m thinking someone should look into Sarah’s attitude at work; she’s not making any friends there obviously.  I hate Liz’s on again off again attitude.  She’s the victim – no, she’s the aggressor, no wait – she’s the victim.  Who cares!  They were both unforgivably rude to those poor boys that were only there because they were called and invited!  The looks they were throwing each other to show their boredom with their dates were just condescending and childish.  The weird thing is I feel like Liz is acting completely immature and Sarah is ACTING like she’s acting immature.  Get what I mean?  Unfortunately Liz doesn’t seem to notice she’s a brat but I think Sarah knows exactly what’s going on.   

Why would Sarah and Lucky be suddenly unable to restrain themselves upstairs from a party they were both going to be missed from?  That’s just stupid.  As far as the rest of it, I understand Liz being angry at the whole thing.  If she needed to slap someone it should have been Sarah since Lucky is free to do whatever he wants now.  She really can’t dictate to him who he wants to sleep with.  She can try to dictate to Sarah though, in my opinion, and Sarah knew how Liz felt so she made a conscious choice that she has to live with.  In the long term, I might be able to forgive my sister something like that but at the time I would be really, really hurt and angry.  Liz shouldn’t have gone upstairs though, she’s not in the position to be justifiably walking in on Lucky and anyone.  She should have waited and confronted Sarah about it during their next jog – then she would have been down at the pier and well, it only takes a nudge.  I’m completely bored by the whole thing honestly.   

Sarah looked nice in her dress, though maybe a bit overdressed.  Was the actress who plays her a dancer or something?  They are taking every opportunity to show her dancing (she’s a fine dancer, don’t get me wrong) like they usually do with all the newbies that can sing.  Liz looked like she’s dressing specifically for Jason.  I won’t knock how either of them looked because they are both beautiful girls, but they didn’t look at all like they were heading for the same place what with one in sleeveless pastels and one in long-sleeved black leather.  I thought maybe they were having lunch before Sarah headed off to an afternoon garden party and Liz headed off to Jake’s to find herself a man that likes a woman with a sharp tongue and a haughty attitude.   

I feel bad for Zander.  She has led him on and I don’t think she exactly let him down all that easy either.  The question “Are you and Sonny getting back together?”  doesn’t require an answer of “We spent all night last night together”.  Why didn’t she just go ahead and describe their activities in detail for pete’s sake.   

Someone needs to explain to me why Edwards plan for AJ to be mean to Courtney so she has to go to Sonny for help therefore enabling them to bargain for Mikey makes any sense.  Why does Courtney need any help getting out of the marriage if she wants to?  Last I heard it just takes an attorney and a couple of month’s worth of patience.  She has a mom and a dad, she doesn’t have to go to Sonny anyway – heck, Gia would probably put her up at Wyndemere if she needs a place. 

So, Carly’s scared little girl and “Am I dead” comments were all an act?  That’s the way I took it anyway.  The staying gone part doesn’t bother me so much, after all Sonny did the same thing with Angel at the looney lake.   But she’s a Mom and she should know better than to not call Bobbie.  She could have called Bobbie and at least let her know she was okay but said she needed time alone and Sonny would have been just as worried about where she was and if she was okay, just minus the guilt of thinking he contributed to her death.  Yep, that’s how I want to get my man.  I want him feeling so bad over someone he slept with while divorced from me that he thinks he killed me and then I want him to turn all stupid so he never notices I am lying again.  It’s irritating but not out of character for Carly to pull this but the problem is lately when she pulls these things I never see that true glimmer of desperation Carly used to have or the underlying pain that used to be evident.  It now just seems contrived.  Whether it’s the actress, the direction, the writing or what I don’t know but it’s not working for me.  I used to love to hate her – I rarely thought she was doing the right thing but I understood why she continued to do the wrong thing.  Now I just think she’s being a pain.  And I so hoped she wasn’t going to say exactly what she did to Alexis.  Whatever, just get on with it sums up my feelings on this whole thing right now.  

I understand why Alexis was worried after her fall but I didn’t really see why everyone else was so worked up.  I mean it wasn’t really a big fall or anything.  Wasn’t Ned or Kristina a little surprised and curious that she would need to see a doctor over that even though she was walking on her own two feet?  Not that I’m saying the fall was nothing as far as Carly/Alexis interaction is concerned.  I think that we are being grossly manipulated by TPTB into having more debates about the “who was at fault for the fall” issue and I’m refusing to take part in it.  Stand with me Carly and Alexis fans alike and just say NO to being used by writers that can’t think of new debatable issues so they are recycling the old ones.  

Have I mentioned that Carly needs to keep her hands to herself? 

I want the arcade gone, I believe I mentioned that a while ago and yet it’s still popping up.   

Sonny tells Carly that it’s not going to happen again with Alexis (or something like that) and she says, “Does she know that?”  And he says, “I don’t know”???  WTF – what were all those we are friends; you’re still in love with your wife conversations about exactly then.  I thought they both knew it was done with as far as the sex is concerned.  

I loved watching Roy, Luke and Scott together.  We need more of that sort of stuff, pronto.  

Alexis at the pharmacy cracked me up.  She’s always funny in those situations but what was really amusing were the comments made about the baby aisle, the big sale display of pregnancy tests and Alexis directing Bobbie to the shampoo “waaay over there” (I looked waaay over in the direction she was pointing – there was one aisle and then a wall).  This store had three aisles while apparently carrying everything a full drugstore does.   It looked more like a gas station convenience store to me what with the food mixed in with the pain-relievers and feminine hygiene products.  Amazing how popular it is though. 

Why did Liz drop and break something at Kelly’s and then ask Bobbie if she could leave, and just leave her mess there?   Kudos though for showing Bobbie later coming out with the broom to clean up instead of just pretending it disappeared on it’s own.  Poor Bobbie, someone should have thrown her a party, she deserves it latel 

Gia and Nikolas have become very tedious and boring.  I like them.  But right now, there is just nothing worth watching going on.  Same with Jax and Skye, nothing there. 

I felt a definite glimmer of hope when Jason told Liz that he hadn’t ever thought about what might have been if she had left with him.  I think Liz needs to have someone tell her she’s not the center of everyone’s universe and I know I needed to hear someone tell it to her.  Make me like her again, I dare you Guza!  

I’m still waiting for the big event that is going to spin everyone off in great new directions.  I’m really hoping what we have already seen wasn’t supposed to do that because so far it’s really not.  The dialogue is way better overall and I’m looking forward to watching more than I was before but it has a long ways to go.   I think the whole Carly is dead, no she’s not, was a bit of a let down.  I hope there is more to the whole thing but so far every new revelation doesn’t feel very exciting or new.  It feels like I’ve been here before and I’m not sure I really have the interest in doing it all again.  What I am interested in doing again though, is getting really involved in a good story.  Let’s hope that is exactly what our new writers have in store for us.  Someone needs to wake us up.  I’m hoping for some BIG surprises! 


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