AMC -- Wham-BAM!
Wow. Amazing that ABC didn't promote it for weeks as "the second major lesbian kiss shown on daytime." (I don't know what your local affiliates are doing, but I'm being driven crazy by all the in-house promos, particularly those for "Lost," "The Bachelorette," and "Extreme Makeover Home: How'd They Do That?" They air constantly, and are LONG.)

Anyway, back to BAM. Is this a bone they're throwing to the BAM fans, knowing that both actresses are leaving the show as of February 24, or is this how they're going to get them (ahem) off? Judging by Maggie's delayed reaction, and the vehemence of it, I'm not sure. They sure have a lot to wrap up in less than a month -- Babe's trial and Bianca's testimony, Jonathan's anger management treatment, the Maggie/Bianca friendship/relationship, and, somehow, an exit for Maggie, Bianca, and Miraculanda. How is La Kane going to react to her sainted daughter leaving her, especially with the long-lost grandchild? (Well, perhaps Erica will heave a sigh of relief and hope that no one remembers that she was Granny Kane for a couple of months. Could happen.) Who will the villagers of PV turn to for sage advice without Saint Bianca? Will Ethan be able to run Cambias Industries without his cousin and her mother? What about Maggie's medical studies...will David still pay for them? Will Jonathan get really, REALLY mad?

The announcement that both Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson are leaving AMC came at about the same time as a strong rumor surfaced that GH would yet again recast the role of Sarah Webber, but this time with an actress currently playing a "well-established character on AMC." Hmmm. Some are thinking Rebecca Budig, but I can't see it. I think she is far too well-established as Greenlee to cut and run to GH as the third re-cast in a role way below her current playing field. It's not a lateral move at all. However, it would be a good move for Elizabeth Hendrickson, who I've always felt has more talent than she's been able to showcase on AMC. If TPTB at GH are really going to do something with the character of Sarah this time, that is. Eden's a fine actress, but I don't think this is the role for her. At any rate, Eden and Elizabeth are talented women and AMC will be poorer for their loss. They both will be working actresses for a long time.

Incidentally, didn't you love the verbal exchange between Erica and Greenlee on Tuesday? I fully expected it to degenerate into "Harlot!" "Hag!" "Slut!" "Brooke-wannabe!"  The interplay between the two has always been great. I've felt for a long time that TPTB have intended Greenlee to be a sort of "Mini-Me" Kane, and that they want that character along for the long-term, as they do Erica. (Another reason why Rebecca Budig should stay put.) They're great together, and I look forward to the inevitable spats when Erica becomes Greenlee's step-monster. They'll put "Dynasty"'s Krystle and Alexis to shame!

Maddie's grown some, hasn't she? If they ever let him out of the attic (or France), Sam will likely be six feet tall, 200 pounds, and Kendall's next conquest.

GH -- Kristina, Kristina, Who's Got The Kristina?
Did Alexis kidnap her own child as subterfuge, showing once and for all that Kristina's not safe with Sonny? Or was it Sam, acting suspiciously, who (somehow) knew how to break into Sonny's safe (not that Alexis could have done it) and spirit away a child for her very own. How about another suspect? One with the resources to piggyback on the mansion's security system? The resources to hire outside AND inside men to betray Sonny. Someone who hates Sonny and would stop at nothing to hurt him? A person known for "leather-wearing-in-the-summer?" (Sorry, couldn't resist the chance to quote a favorite line from "Waiting to Exhale!") Aw, heck, y'all probably know who I'm talking about, but I'm not going to spoil it for you!

Nice to see Sonny's moved from barware to big mirrors. How many years of bad luck does he have now? Don't let him near Southern California's Crystal Cathedral!

Jasper Jacks. Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. You've been used. Don't you know that jewelers to a certain class of customer are supposed to be as quiet as a priest hearing confessions regarding their clientele AND their purchases? If I were Jax, I'd drop-kick that guy on Bond Street and take my considerable business elsewhere. REAL high class jewelers keep their mouths shut. D'ya think the Royal Family uses that blabbermouth? "Oh, yes, I just sold Queenie the most fabulously expensive brooch, and rumor has it that Wills is coming in for a VERY SPECIAL ring..." No freakin' way. Fly over there, bitch slap that guy, spend some cash at Asprey, and pick up some oysters and a keg of Guinness from Dublin on your way back, OK? (That was an old trick you once used to woo Lois, and I remember that both she and Brenda were rather impressed. As was I.) I didn't catch it, but did Lady Jane remind you where to mail her support check after she refused to attend your wedding and exited in a huff? Maybe she left a payment book behind. EVER discreet, that woman.


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