April 17, 2002 

I’ve been robbed again!  Somebody has to explain to me why we did not get to see AJ finesse Courtney into marriage.  EXPLAIN IT!!  Fine, I’ll answer it myself.  Obviously TPTB did not want us to actually WANT them to get married, or to believe that she would actually fall for him because then we would be ticked off when AJ turned around and immediately laid out his plan for Sonny.  We enter the scene just in time to see that Courtney is suddenly ultra-loyal and sounding downright brainwashed, not to mention a little dumb.  “He told me you would react this way…” Hello?  That’s Skye, the one person he does trust and Courtney should be a little suspicious that even she sounds like she’s on Sonny’s side!  At least now I understand finally how he intended to get Michael by marrying Courtney, but dang!  That was cold even for AJ.  And then they have him giving Sonny his ultimatum complete with making him turn Michael over and be gone from his life forever…way to take care of your kids feelings AJ.  Overall, I enjoyed most of the scenes but I wish they were playing this differently.  I wanted to see how Courtney went from having glimmers of doubt, to climbing all over him in a few short weeks.  I also wanted to get to see AJ do a little more romancing before they pulled the plug on this whole thing.   

There are some pretty big flaws with AJ’s plan though, first and foremost would be the fact that Sonny now knows the whole plan and really doesn’t have much to lose by letting AJ live on and deal with the scorned girl-woman that he will have on his hands shortly.  Sonny can sit back and wait for her to come crying home and play the hero then.  AND he can keep the kid.  There is the issue of offspring to consider so he really should be hooking Courtney up with some birth control on the sly.  Tell her they are vitamins or something, or tell her they will keep her hair blond without the aid of a hairdresser if she takes them every single day.  Since we didn’t get to see AJ be so convincing that we can believe she really fell for him, we have to assume that she is a little on the slow side at this point.  Another flaw is that half of PC also knows his plan so there is no way it’s gonna stay quiet for long.  I agreed with Alexis though and thought Sonny did exactly the right thing.  And listening to Court tell Sonny how in love she is and how great he’s being with that huge, dreamy smile on her face made me feel bad for both of them.  So mission accomplished writers, I’m despising AJ a little more today.  Poor Billy Warlock – I really thought they might let him have a bit of happiness but if he’s already downing champagne the fun must be over.   

Anyone else think it’s kind of weird that just about the same amount of people hopped a plane and showed up for AJ and Courtney’s honeymoon as walked down the block for Luke’s “party”?   

And how convenient for all of those heading to the Caribbean that they happened to have their island wear ready and waiting to grab before they flew out the door for the “emergency” trip.  I’m betting most New Yorkers are more like me and are still trying to remember where in the heck they put that box of summer clothes.   

Skye and Jax should consider joining the WWF, they are that good. 

It was really smart of everyone in the Honeymoon Suite to go behind those slatted, flimsy little privacy doors before having conversations that could have blown the whole charade out of the water had anyone overheard them.  Also smart of Jax not to grab Courtney by her well-tanned, well-toned arm and drag her over to the door to listen.  We wouldn’t want to rock the boat or anything, now would we?  

Why would Luke have his party without Laura?  She had to help at the hospital, but Amy comes to the party?  And why was Luke’s party so early in the day, or was the hospital party taking place on the midnight shift?  Lucky was already on his second bar of the night and Zander had already had himself a bar fight by the time this party started.  (If I missed an explanation for this, which I really hope I did, forgive me – cable trouble!) 

And I’m not really sure why Tags was at Luke’s either, what, now he wants to celebrate with the citizens arrest brigade?  Oh, and I loved Luke telling the only three people (besides him and Roy) left in the room to “circulate and party”, get some more friends Luke, stat. 

Burning the picture was so, so wrong and so was bringing the burning barrel inside the club – that’s gotta be a huge fire-safety violation.  I hope that painting shows back up on the wall (if this were PC that would definitely happen!) – wouldn’t that freak him out!   

Lucky – Whoa!  Get a freaking grip already.  I’ve really tried to think of this in every way possible and understand why he’s completely losing it over this whole thing but umm….I just don’t see it.  Nikolas may not have been brainwashed but he did grow up a Cassadine and they are a really strange family so I think he should be allowed one screw up without being completely written off by everyone he knows.  If people treated Lucky this way when he tried to KILL Lucas, Luke and who knows whom else, I’m thinking he wouldn’t have liked it.  I can see being angry or hurt, but he basically almost strangled Nikolas, seems a bit overboard to me.  Okay, if you want the truth I think the boy is completely psycho.  And I think Liz should be telling him to get over it because no one did anything to him anyway.  And why in the world am I supposed to believe that anyone, even boring Sarah, would have any interest in this raving lunatic?  And how convenient for her that she figured out that she “knew she wanted this to happen” during the two scenes they have had together.  Oh, yes, I felt the electricity between them at the stables and at the loft – if only the voltage had been a lot higher I wouldn’t have to waste any more time on these two… 

Anybody else hear the ABC promo voice on Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday) right after OLTL say:  “Will Liz learn Lucky has his sights set on HIS sister?” ?????    And I’m gonna replay the tape but I’m pretty sure Sarah told Lucky that same day that the “blast knocked me ON my feet” apparently the kiss on the nose left her sitting on the sidewalk when he left.  (Sorry he died but I don’t have a clue who he is and she’s obviously moving on, so why do I really care at this point?) 

My biggest surprise this week was figuring out that Monica’s fake funeral was really NOT someone’s bad dream.  That was really, really low. 

The 10,000th episode was really fun to watch.  I cried (along with 95% of you, I’ll bet) again with Bobbie and Felicia and fully enjoyed watching everything they showed.  I thought the clips they used were put together well and the music was good for the majority of it.  All in all, I’m happy enough with it, especially considering that we could have gotten nothing (or close to nothing) like we did for L&L’s anniversary/divorce.  But, of course, there were some problems I had with it… 

I could have done without: 

Most of the scenes between flashbacks, honestly I just wanted to see more flashbacks every time they cut to current stuff.   

The word “O-Town” being mentioned during a commemorative program. 

NuMaxie trying to act like she had a clue what this was all really about. 

All the stupid security system talk – just make the stupid elevator get stuck, it happens on soaps all the time.  Once you removed that dialogue you could have added more CLIPS!! 

And now for the “Why didn’t they’s”?   

Why didn’t they fill in between the clips with more of the people who have been around awhile?  Why spend time on Zander (I like him fine but he’s not exactly old-school or anything) or Nik and Gia.  Who needed NuMaxie to set up BJ’s death?  It’s not like the close-up on her face afterwards really means anything to us at this point.  That would’ve freed up about five more minutes worth of CLIPS!!  More Lesley, who looked sooo good, would have been nice.  I would have liked it to be centered all on those that have been around awhile – they’ve earned it by now.  

Where have all the villains gone??  They aren’t showing up in flashback clips these days, that’s for sure.   

Why didn’t they just make this at least a two-hour episode?  I realize they won’t ever be able to make us all happy but there were things I wanted to see they didn’t show and things they showed that I wanted to see for longer!   

Why didn’t they have Liz and Sarah there for Audrey?  You know I don’t care all that much about seeing them but it only seems right that they should be there for her.  

I saw lots of people I miss, but of those pertinent to story right now, I really miss Sarah Brown and Jonathon Jackson.  Sorry, I can’t imagine seeing NuCarly standing outside that warehouse with tears running down her face (not without a squirt gun handy, I’m guessing) screaming for Sonny and I can’t imagine Jacob Young standing in that church with Liz either.   

When was the last real location shoot?  Watching all those adventure/action sequences I was just plain amazed at what they used to do and where they used to go.  Now we get balcony’s in “Puerto Rico” and yachts carefully situated so as not to show any actual water around them, and let’s not forget Texas…the outside of a cabin and the inside of a cave.  The view has definitely gotten worse over the years.    

I liked that it began and ended with Audrey alone though, it was appropriate. 

Judging by all the people running around the hospital during the closing scene, I’m guessing there was a “buy one get two free” sale on extras recently. 

…um, did I miss where that stretcher in the elevator came from or what?   

All in all, not a bad week so far.  I’m interested to see what Liz has to say now that she saw Sarah and Lucky (and that does not happen very often, as you know) and I’m interested to see what AJ is going to do with his wife.  Everyone else seems to be in limbo right now, so I’m anxiously waiting whatever is going to send them all careening off in different directions!   

Thanks for reading!  I enjoyed reading your responses to the last column, it’s good to know that the Head-Writing change seems to be getting people talking and feeling more upbeat again.  Take Care All!


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