April 19, 2002 

I should probably just start this off with admitting that Iím not all that thrilled so far with Superstition.  Iím still trying to determine why exactly but I am leaning more and more toward the fact that I may just be tired of everything that happens having to do with some external, and mostly evil, force.  Itís not that I have a problem with the supernatural or even the fact that there really are (or arenít Ė whichever you think is fine with me!) external forces, both good and evil, out there.  Itís more that I just want something good to happen (like Frank asking Karen to marry him) that isnít because someone has triumphed over bloodsuckers, come back to earth in human form, or lit a candle.  I just wanted them to want to get married, so sue me.  Itís possible that Iím just suffering from an overall need for good old soap opera romance since lately the only shows I catch are GH and PC and GH is definitely lacking in that department.  PC does better, but Iím tired of the only romance Iím seeing being between people that either arenít alive anymore or people that are being driven half-nuts by vampires, angels or candles.   

There have been things Iíve enjoyed lately though, mostly the humor that has been more up-front so far during this arc.  And I was overjoyed to see Rafe and Ed again.  Their dialogue is ridiculous, corny and still absolutely hysterical to me (donít forget, GH is not funny these days so Iím deprived of humor too!).  Ed, swatting Rafe on the arm, says  ďYou better straighten up and fly rightĒ and I am grinning away.  Conscience duty?  Priceless stuff.  Have I mentioned that I love them?  Anyway, letís get to the ďcommentingĒ.  You should know that my cable has been the bane of my existence lately, which translates to: I have missed several days over the last while.  So forgive me if I am way out of line with my comments according to what you saw, because I probably didnít see it.  I have read the ABC recaps which are not much help but at least it was something.  Feel free to correct me, but donít yell at me!  Iíll give you my cable companyís number if you want to rant at someone J! 

Livvie is oscillating between half-sanity and complete lunacy.  Iím trying not to be too hard on her, I realize sheís been through things that would make her a little paranoid but she is handling it like a crazy person.  Burn all your best friendís favorite treasured belongings??   Sheís flakier than grandmaís piecrust.  Seeing Jack lately with Jamal and Alison (without Livvie in the vicinity) has reminded me that he is my least favorite character (no problem with BPís acting, just the character!) mainly due to his proximity to Livvie.  And not to be too snotty about it, but that whack on the head shut her up now didnít it? 

Paige was annoying, Rebecca is even more annoying Ė who would have guessed? 

I thought Lucyís idea about the candle shop was very ďLucy likeĒ and made sense.  If real people found candles that affected how people felt and acted, you better believe theyíd be available for  $9.99 at your local store before you could say ďlight one upĒ. 

Jamal and Livvie are apparently speed readers, it was nothing short of amazing the way they plowed through those stacks of papers Livvie (who is also apparently a master researcher because for me to come out of the library with that much useful stuff copied I would need days, if not weeks) had.  Sometimes Jamal had only to glance at the sheet to know an entire story about Rebecca Ė I guess the days of plopping characters at a table with piles of paper and then coming back to them a day later to see them exhausted, surrounded by empty take-out containers but ready to recap what they have found, are over.   

Isnít Karen looking great lately?  Maybe itís just that (until this week anyway) sheís smiling more or something.  And I have to say too that I find Ricky way less boring when heís around Karen.  I like Frank and Karen okay too so Iím not saying I want this to go where it may be going, but Ricky and Karen seemed to have a little chemistry and Ricky is another one that looks much better when he smiles.  And I had absolutely no use for Ricky before that soÖIíll wait and see! 

I donít know if itís because I know itís not her real hair or what, but Rebeccaís hair is just awful.  Very fake looking.   

Yea Frank!  Something weird happens and what does he do?  Runs straight to doctor Kevin, before I could even order him to!  I liked that for a change.  One problem though was Kevin assuming that just because Frank mentioned a candle that it was linked to the other candles around town.  Last I heard Glade still manufactures more candles than Rebecca. 

I thought the stuff with Chris and the cop was funny.  I do wonder though about the wisdom of burning a candle in a closed space such as an elevator Ė particularly when there is heavy breathing going on.   

Oh, Karen, you put up with me calling you a whore and pushing you around a bit the other day and it made me realize that you are a keeper (that is essentially what he said, I swear, replay your tape!).  Please will you marry me???  And she says yes.  Great.  And, on top of that, in the middle of the proposal he decides that the mood isnít quite right, and thatís because even though there are about 30 candles distributed on every possible flat surface in the room, he needs to light three more to make it perfect?  Whatever. 

So, IF we believe Rebecca, then the candles arenít evil and canít make a person feel something they donít already feel.  She said they bring out what is already in a persons heart.  That does explain why different people feel different things around the same candles.  Chris, for instance, wasnít immediately affected like the policewoman was, which makes sense since he is still mourning Eve and isnít his usual skirt-chasing self.  And the Trouble candle definitely affected Livvie much more than Jack.  Itís an interesting idea to have these candles bring out what people are truly feeling.  Livvie has obvious fears about her motherís mental problems passing on to her.  As for Frank, well, he has some big problems in there somewhere!  At first I thought maybe it was some sort of fear of intimacy, but when he brought up Karenís past as a stripper I realized they are probably just going for the fact that he has repressed fears about her past.  Thus the Desire candle brings out the worst in him and he sees her sexuality as negative.  Poor Karen, hasnít she been through all that a time or two?   

The candles canít make you do anything that you didnít somewhere, down deep want to happen.   Scary!  And they can magnify your deepest fears.  Scarier!  Move out of town, all of you, now!  With all the stuff in your closets, you people are in serious trouble.     

I also wonder if we donít maybe need to add a few characters (permanent ones) sometime soon.  Who are Kevin and Lucy going to cheat on each other with next?  There are no prospects on canvas for Chris.  Ian either (after proper mourning).   

And keep Kevin away from Rebecca in case he has repressed longing for Paige.  I do not want to watch that!   

Thanks for reading!  I love to hear what youíre thinking so thanks for writing too! 




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