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Maybe It's the Weather

If you have never been to Sacramento, CA, you really owe it to yourself to check it out.  I am fortunate to live in my very favorite town in the US.  The weather here is beyond incredible.  It never snows...instead it rains like a beast all through the winter, which I love.  It gets up in the very low triple digits just enough days during the summer to let you know Mr Sol is up there and is the one in charge, but for the most part, the temperatures are, well, temperate, and it's a very pleasant place to live, especially as Fall starts to snake in or Spring kicks into gear.  Now it's magnificent.  That puts me in such a great mood, that it's really hard to find fault with much, so I'm really enjoying the soaps this week.  Oh, I have my gripes here and there, but overall, I thought they rocked.  I found about a million "Lines of the Week" and many of them gave me a giggle.  So heeeeeere we go!

New Zander is a dud.  Let's just get with that right now.  I'm about as intimidated by him as a flop-eared bunny.  I'm trying to bear in mind that the little bunny in Monty Python and the Holy Grail turned out to be a killer, but I just don't see it in him.  He has the killer factor of a pinecone. But lest we forget, Sorel is no one's Simon Bar Sinister either.  He looks like someone's Uncle Murray, so I'm not exactly scared of him either.  Where is Faison when we need him?  No way is that guy blown to bits with his penchant for living through boat explosions.  I'm sure he'll be back on the scene soon, probably to give ol' Lucky Spence a rejuice on the mind melt.  Helena is great, don't get me wrong, but right now, she has two big strikes against her in the intimidation factor.  One is that cat woman suit she wore for her last killin' and the other is the fact that she was going to kill CHLOE, which isn't an altogether disagreeable idea.  

I think that Faison got to Hannah with some of his brainwashing techniques because she is single-handedly determined to save AJ, no matter what.  I was puking when I heard her say to Taggert, "But AJ has ALCOHOLISM...he suffers from a DISEEEEAASE."  What needs to happen here, since Hannah obviously can't keep track of her woulda, coulda, shoulda's, is that Taggert needs to have a little "conference" with Junior and advise him of how things are going to go.  All this passivity on Taggert's part is a leeetle out of character.

Oooooh, Stefan, you crafty little bugger, you!  What a wonderful ploy to pretend that you are captive on the island as well.   He must have his dog-eared copy of The Art of War tucked into his toga because sharing a common enemy is the surest way to form an alliance and guarantees Chloe's trust.  Two points, my friend.

Yeah, Luke...kickass disguise...we'd have never guessed it was you.

Mac is suddenly taking Felicia back??  Did I blink at the wrong time?  It would have been nice to see a progression on this at some point rather than a sudden about-face!

Speaking of Mac, it cracked me up when he and Taggert sauntered up to Alexis and Sonny like Mutt and Jeff, throwing their weight around about the evidence...WHAT EVIDENCE??  As nearly as I can tell, they have NOTHING against Sonny, with or without Carly's testimony.  I've been listening closely to Alexis legal jargon, since that is usual how I find my way in such things, but it seems to me that they have Sorel trying to co-erce Sonny into running the drugs and Carly jumping out of the closet.  I hardly think the DA would rush to court with that, especially given Sonny's crack shot attorney and ability to weasel out of many smoking gun cases.  If they are going to vehicle Sonny and Carly together, seems like they could do a better job than this.

What a little PUNK Juan is mouthing off to Lucky like that!  There's someone else who needs a good panty-kicking.  Taggert is free to start on him as soon as AJ has learned his lesson.

What a PUNK Lucky is mouthing off to Jason like that...Taggert, meet the man holding ticket #3 for the beating express.

Had to laugh at Edward talking about Michael living with "known criminals," unlike the 'unknown' criminals at the Quartermaine house.  I think, if I am not mistaken, everyone in the house has either killed someone, attempted to kill someone or committed some other person crime such as kidnapping.  

LOVE Jason and Elizabeth together, although I could have done without the little punchy fight when he was teaching her to barfight.  

LOVE Gia and Nikolas together.  The character of Gia is GREAT, but the actress needs some serious settling into the role.  She's so stiff and uncomfortable that it's hard to take her seriously.  Hopefully, she'll losen up with a few more Nikolas kisses.  

I love the Eddie' s Angel story.  Let's end it before it's beleaguered.  Nuff is nuff.

and Nuff it is...see you next week!


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