Slams & High Fives for GH


Carolyn Aspenson 

This has been an interesting week for General Hospital. Carly faked labor, Courtney grew some kahunas, Jason had a full blown conversation, Liz pressed the button, Emily wore less lipstick, Lydia’s voice grated on my last nerve, Alcazar gave Carly some decent maternity clothes, Courtney covered her manly arms, Alcazar and Sonny played “my weenie is bigger than yours” in the penthouse, Bobbie was actually around and acknowledged her daughter is missing, Scott pretended to have a clue about the law, though after being showed no choice, Skye made an idiot out of her legally uninformed self, Georgie looked happy when she smiled at Dillon, we had a Penny sighting, Lucky had a light bulb go off over his head regarding a career path, Sonny got sneaky,  Alexis didn’t wear that pathetic Dobson outfit, Ned was put in his place about the paternity of Kristina, Emily and Liz pretended they’re still friends, we saw that Mac isn’t the only cop in PC, Dillon’s hair was slightly flattened from being knocked out, Nikolas oozed sex and passion, Zander and Emily had sex in her house and no one walked in the room, Alexis is starting to become a Cassadine and Maxie almost got a clue that Kyle is really just using her. Oh and we got to see Mac. Yummy. 

All of this by the way happened before Thursday’s episode.  

There are some really great things happening at GH. We’ve got Nik and Emily who have excellent chemistry and a solid history to build from. I see a potential super couple here folks. Sorry Zem fans but as Sage put it; you’re going to have a lot in common with the Liason fans. Thankfully Amber Tamblyn isn’t playing Emily anymore. I simply cannot see her as Emily in this story of Emily and  Nikolas together. She always seemed much younger and less mature than him. (Besides the fact that her sense of style was absolutely atrocious!!) NuEmily has class and style, characteristics a Prince needs in his significant other. We’ve got Dillon and Georgie. Neither is extremely over the top gorgeous, yet when they look at each other their eyes light up and make me reminisce about my first love. We didn’t steal motorcycles and he didn’t work for a drug lord but we walked the path of first love together and learned what it meant when two hearts connected and the world revolved around that sensation. Georgie and Dillon feel real. So I’m 36 and long past the high school romance thing but it’s refreshing to watch an honest love blossom. Think Liz and Lucky in the beginning, but with spikier hair. We have Stephan and Alexis doing the Cassadine thing and anything Cassadine is typically outrageous, but fun.  

What has been my favorite part of GH this week? That’s easy! JASON YELLED AT COURTNEY! Woo Hoo! The “perfect, touchy feely, huggy, kissy, you’re the greatest thing in the world” relationship suffered a setback! Could this be the start of the end of paradise? Oh crap, probably not. Guza’s probably just screwin’ with us Liason fans. Liz and Ric fight, Courtney and Jason fight and we sit on the edge of our seats wishin’ and hopin’ and praying for a reunion.   But let’s face the facts, it just ain’t gonna happen. None the less it was great to see Jason get all hot under the collar and give Court a hard time for thinking she has a right to dictate how he does his job and to wear his emotional baggage on his sleeve. Okay, it’s a short sleeve but you know what I mean. Is it spiteful for me to enjoy the tension and problems of this couple? Absolutely not! It’s a soap opera! I look forward to the drama, the tension, the eventual BREAK UP! Hopefully Jason and Courtney are on track for the eventual break up part and we Liason fans may have our dreams of a reunion come true. (Doubtful according to General Hospital Happenings II and Guzas statement.) It’s not that I don’t like Courtney. Okay, so maybe it is. But it has nothing to do with the actor. It has everything to do with the writing of the character.  Jason isn’t the most astute guy on GH and he’s not always the most warm and fuzzy either so he needs a gal pal that can take him out of his shell, someone that has a personality, something the writers have yet to give Courtney. Plus I don’t think a woman should be able to kick her boyfriends’ ass and with Courtney’s biceps, I’m thinkin’ she’s capable.  I’m thinkin’ they’d make a good team as the ‘Enforcers’ but a super couple? Nope.  

What did I not like about GH this week? Well, for one I think Skye, whom I really like and often feel empathy toward, should have her redheaded behind kicked! Explain to me why this woman thinks she has absolutely any right whatsoever to be a pretend mother to Kristina? Explain to me why, since she is NOT a Quartermaine, she is still living in their house? Didn’t she get that cabin type house from her divorce? Oh, and most importantly, hasn’t Skye ever watched the news? Does she not know that a person cannot be tried twice for the same crime? Come on Guza, give us fans some credit here. At least make this custody/insanity battle a teensy bit credible will ya? Though Skye has always manipulated and shuffled life’s deck of cards in her direction, right now she’s playing with fire. Her relationship with Ned isn’t stable enough to warrant such extreme actions and one would think she’d want this child to know her parents because Skye had no clue about her own for quite some time. Skye has unfortunately fallen victim to Guza’s man-soap tactics. Too bad. Maybe she should go back to OLTL. There might be a story for a strong woman on that show but there won’t be on GH, that’s for sure. 

Always a fan of Ned (especially in his leather pants, I might add) I am extremely frustrated with this character. He knows, for a fact, that he is NOT the father of that child and he knows who is. So you see my issues are two fold. Firstly, the obvious! HELLO! She’s not your kid buddy so get over it and try and rebuild the relationship with your REAL daughter living in Brooklyn. Ned knows Alexis. He knows she’s got a few quirks but he also knows that she is if nothing else, loyal. She killed Alcazar to protect her child in an odd sort of way. And all of us mothers out there know that in the throws of pregnancy, specifically the third trimester, we’re all a bit over the top nutty. Cut the woman some slack Ned. And secondly, the real father is none other than Mr. Mob himself. Does Ned not think that Alexis will use that trump card if all else fails? Does Ned think he can beat Sonny? Come on. That’s far too unrealistic for even a soap opera. If it were me, I’d be watchin’ my P’s & Q’s because of the Sonny factor. I’m not even going to go into the Stefan factor because I don’t believe Ned has a clue what can happen there.  

I realize that a person can love an adopted child like their own. I myself have two daughters from my husbands first marriage whom I’m raising, that I would throw myself in front of a car for, but would I ever keep them from their biological mother? Even though I despise the woman and consider her worthless? No. Every child has the right to know their parents whether it’s in a supervised setting or privately. Ned is being selfish and snotty and it’s unbecoming. I hate it when a great character is turned into an ‘ugly’ character. Ugly personalities make the good eye candy look bad. Think Jacob Young.  

In reality, that’s about all I can be critical of right now. I’ve read Jens column and Katrina’s rant and though I agree with most of what they both wrote, I’m sort of resigned to the fact that it doesn’t matter how many times we say “Man Soap”, “Long term characters” or anything even remotely similar to those statements, it will never do us any good. We’re not getting Tony back on a regular basis. Mac will be an extra as long as the kids’ storyline is fun for the writers. We have to come to the realization that we really don’t have a say in things. Sure, Sage says the writers listen (or I think he said that, a long, long, long time ago) but they don’t. If they did, they’d have put Jason and Liz back together long before Courtney got naked for him. With the size of her breasts, once Jason saw those puppies there was no goin’ back. Forgive me, but the character doesn’t have a lot going on inside his head so I’m assuming he’s just like most men out there!  

Let’s be real about this folks…soaps are like life in the respect that they are cyclical. They’re bad. They’re good. They’re bad. They’re good. None are ever perfect and as the saying goes, you can’t please everybody all of the time. Some of us are happy and some of us aren’t. I say we just deal with it and take it as it comes because the fact is we have no control over it unless we start writing the scripts ourselves.  

If you disagree with me and think we CAN change the soaps, then give me a suggestion as to how and I promise I will be the first one out there doin’ it.

Have a great week! Enjoy GH!

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