April 24, 2002 

Well, that horse is out of the barn, like it or not!  Iím going to give you my thoughts on Sonny and Alexis and I fully expect that many, many of you will completely disagree.  But at least hear me out before you start throwing things at your computer, which, by the way, doesnít bother me at all, really!  I can take it.  Throw on; in fact, may I suggest you use food products!  Sling some yogurt and raw eggs right at that screen Ė I promise I wonít get upset and if it helps you feel better then Iím glad to be of service.  Just hold off until you read the whole thing because you wonít be able to see the rest of the column if you jump the gun, so just sit back and relax for a few first! 

Letís start with the confrontation over the hit put out on AJ.  I thought the acting during those scenes, particularly from NLG, was wonderful.  I loved that she stood up to him and I felt like I was seeing a glimmer of the old Alexis.  Iím not saying I thought she was exactly justified in everything she said; after all, this is the same woman/attorney that plotted with Luke to kill Helena.  She didnít exactly have much of a leg to stand on when she got all ďwill not be a party to murderĒ-like, but I still thought the performance was excellent.  She looked completely torn and actually afraid of what was happening.  Some of the editing was a little strange in those scenes and I am a little unclear as to how we got to Sonny being on the phone all of the sudden, but when he hung up and said ďI choose youĒ it was all over for me.  Sonny doesnít often choose anyone on purpose, so I loved that whole thing.  I like to think that Alexis brings Sonny a bit of conscience that he is lacking.  If it had been Carly in those scenes she would have been yelling about killing AJ and probably would have already tried it herself.  Alexis doesnít need anything from Sonny, regardless of how sheís been acting.  She is truly his friend only because she wants to be.  She doesnít need him for protection, money, a job, a home, as a father for or to protect her child (as Carly does for Michael), or anything else.  Well, maybe Iím wrong there after thinking for a minute because I think she does need a friend.  And he has been that for her.  They have argued and disagreed, but they have remained friends.  So he realizes that he could lose that friendship (and his friends are a little scarce these days too) and he chooses to keep her friendship and he also chooses to stay out of jail and not alienate his sister in the process Ė bonus!  

Then we move on to the rest of it.  I thought the dialogue was great between them and I thought the hug looked like two people who just went through something really emotional, holding on for dear life.  All good in my book.  Then, somehow, we were upstairs (again with the weird editing, things that make you go hmmmÖ) and somehow every darn candle in the house was already lit Ė which is really getting on my nerves, Iím all for romantic but come on!  But anyway, that was the point where some definite errors (?) were made in my opinion.  The music was completely wrong.  No way around that.  Fine song, but not at all what should have been used in this situation.  Next there was the setting.  I found myself immediately comparing it to the obvious, and that irritated me.  It seemed intentional; they even looked like the same sheets!  They should have been doing it anywhere but there, in my opinion.  But then, after I got past wondering why it was being set up to compare, I realized that maybe that wasnít such a bad thing.  Sonny and Carly were HOT Ė no doubt about it.  I remember being in shock (spoiler free back then!) and it was just a great scene all the way around.  But Sonny and Alexis arenít Sonny and Carly.  They are friends, which S&C were definitely not at the time.  And S&A have a completely different relationship outside of sex, so it follows that they would have a completely different sexual relationship as well.  These scenes made me feel completely unsure of how I felt about them together and about how they would react afterwards.  I felt very mixed emotions watching them.  I saw fear and calmness, awkwardness and surety, loneliness and desperation.  I thought it was sexy and sweet.  I thought it was a pretty darn good first encounter scene.  I felt like they were both searching for something and it remains to be seen whether it was found or not (so to speak, lol).  I thought the whole scene had great depth and was unlike most love scenes you see on soaps.  I thought it was pretty realistic from that respect.  Hey, I loved the S&C scenes for what they were and I canít honestly say I would want all love scenes to be like S&Aís were instead, but in this instance I was okay with it.  It left me feeling completely unsure of how they would feel about each other and themselves afterwards, and I think that is a feeling many people have felt after a first encounter, so looking at it that way, I say great job to all involved.   

I was eagerly waiting the aftermath as well.  Iíve always loved the character of Carly, but you all know by now that I preferred Sarah Brown in the role so Iím not as invested in Carly at this point to be honest.  I wasnít able to miss the spoiler about Carly finding them, so I knew that was coming.  I have really tried to look at this from both sides but I just donít feel the anger some seem to feel over Sonny being with someone else.  They are not together anymore, Carly has tried to get herself some from Zander and Roy (and I firmly believe if Jax flipped his horn-dog switch around her, sheíd be on him instantly but thatís just my opinionÖ), I remember her recently telling Sonny (when she was eyeing up Lucien/Stavros) that she was moving on and heíd have to get used to it and respect her privacy, etc., and letís face it Ė she did this same thing to Jason.  So the argument of Carly being betrayed by this and how everyone hopes she makes him pay, etc. because she walked on into his house unannounced and uninvited is just silly.  She shouldíve left the stupid card on the desk and left without poking her nose up those stairs.  To me it feels like they both knew this would happen, it was just a matter of who got to it first and he did which totally pisses her off.  Thatís not to say that I donít think she should feel hurt by it because of course she would, thatís only human.  I would imagine that knowing your ex is sleeping with anyone else, EVER Ė is very painful, even when you are truly done with him.  And I realize that Sonny and Carly arenít truly done with each other so that makes it even worse.  And Iím also not saying that she shouldnít feel rage and anger because thatís human too, but I am saying she doesnít really have much justification for it.  Yes, I remember Sonny telling her not to go jumping the next guy that walks by and I take that to be what any ex would say, and frankly when you are dealing with Carly itís appropriate advice.  But she would say it to him too, and they would both mean it but at some point, if you arenít together anymore Ė someone moves on first.      

All of that said, I did feel bad for her that she walked in on it.  And then I felt bad for Zander that she tried to use him again.  Poor guy!  Heís going to develop a complex pretty soon.  I thought the Sonny and Alexis conversation afterwards was good, again a little awkward and unsure.  I thought it was particularly great when he came back upstairs and looked at her so affectionately while she wasnít looking and then climbed back in with her and told her everything was going to be alright.  I have no idea how this is all going to play out, but Iím interested to see it.  I think that this story has great potential to spin-off in interesting directions.  Whether this was the beginning of something or the beginning of the end of something is yet to be seen, but I am glad it happened (yes, Iím the .010% in the polls!) because I think it had to happen for Alexis to move on.  And I also think it was something that may have interesting effects on Sonny as well.  I think there was maturity to this whole situation and Sonny has been a little lacking in maturity at times.  

Now, on to other topics!  I DO agree with the masses about being glad this is over with so we can get back to talking about other characters too!! 

Why is Courtney suddenly getting dumber by the day?  Has anyone ever heard of an alcoholic that can drink some alcohols but not others?  Nobody is this naÔve. 

Monica is completely on my nerves.  She and Liz oughtta spend a little time together somewhere quiet and secluded (secluded from me anyway!).  

LizÖIím mad because I actually liked her for a few minutes during her conversation with Zander and then there was this giant sucking sound and her eyes squinted and her lips puckeredÖand she started spewing sanctimonious crap at complete and total strangers in a public place.  I give up; Iíve branded her high horse as hopeless and plan to give it a good slap on the rear in the hopes it will take her far, far away. 

Sarah and Lucky?  I havenít been so uninterested in quite some time.  These two should under no circumstances be allowed any more scenes alone or at least not ones that require speaking.  Itís detrimental to my sanity.   And Luckyís little whine-fest up on the roof?  I canít believe someone actually made a conscious decision to go with that take.  It was downright pitiful.  The slap was good; everything else was a waste of my time.   

Why does Kristina think she and Alexis are so much alike?  I donít think they are anything alike at all and I want her to shut up about that and everything else. 

Why does Liz keep throwing the Face of Deception thing at Gia?  I admit I thought it was a decent line the first time she said it, but now I just keep wondering what it means that she was trying really hard to be the Face as well, seems a bit two-Faced to meÖ 

Iím not interested in a Zander/Kristina pairing, in case you were dying to know.  I canít seem to find interest in anything about Kristina anymore.  I did perk up for a moment when she told Ned it wasnít going to work but it faded when he didnít say ďWhat?  You thought I was interested in you?  Oh, Honey, of course this has been about Alexis all alongÖ I needed some way to get back into this penthouse and early on it seemed I would be able to put up with your constant yapping, I thought Iíd hit a plateau where I just wouldnít hear you anymore.  Since that hasnít happened I think youíre right and you should take your new-age wisdom and shove it in a suitcase with all your stupid-looking clothes and make yourself scarce before you become the victim of the Ďhand that cuts the dead weight in a newbie-ridden castí.Ē 

NuMaxie is on my other last nerve.  Iím ready to go ahead and say that sheís not a good actress (if I havenít already said that?) and on top of it her dialogue is just annoying.  And Iím not going to stop complaining about her until RR is back.   

Iím curious about where Jax and Skye go from here.  Itís been smooth sailing for almost two weeks now.  Canít be a good sign.  I figure weíve got one more candle-lit, you-know-what session before trouble moves into the Lake House.   

I want more Luke and Laura (you can keep the campfire girls though) and more Helena.   

NuMikeyÖum, Iíll give him more time but Iím not too sure about him so far.  No worries, though since everyone knows that Mikey actors change every week 

Where in the heck is Johnny?  Iíve had enough of this!  Max is okay, but Johnny should deliver any and all important paperwork that requires dialogue with it, period.  And Sonnyís comment that Max is a good bodyguard, directly following Carly waltzing right into the barely closed door to the penthouse, was just priceless.  Good Max! You get a treat because, hey, at least she wasnít armed.    Put Kristina on the door, at least youíll have warning that someoneís in the vicinity because she will start yapping at anything that moves. 

So, that does it for me.  Youíre all clear for attack now J so have at it!  Thanks for listening. 





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