May 15, 2002 

Wow!  This is getting a little deep, isnít it?  Iíll be honest and say that Iím basically confused as to where this story is going.  I have been waaaaay behind on watching PC until recently and I have missed a few episodes in there too so maybe my confusion is from that.  Donít know, but I am definitely confused.  So, given limited time this week, Iím just going to give you a few comments on recent events without even trying to figure out what these events actually mean because I havenít got the first clue about that! 

Apparently every time Ricky enters a room he must have two bags of groceries with him.   

Ian calling Livvie a ďstupid little girlĒ was the best thing Iíve heard lately.   

Ian and Lucy make me a little nervous together.  She needs some other friends too because Iím not sure Kevin will want Ian to be the one comforting his wifey.  I get that they ďunderstandĒ one another right now due to respective losses but they just make me nervousÖ 

Rebecca:  ďI wish I trusted you enough to tell you how to get Kevin back before itís too lateĒ  Huh??  What does that mean?  At the time I took it to mean sheís not as evil as we might have thought and for lack of better info Iím sticking with that for now.  Sheís really just a frightened, intuitive candle-maker that was wrongly accused.  

Taking the picture of the picture was a good idea, I must say.  If this arc has done anything for me, itís made me like Jack more.  Canít explain what they are seeing in the pictures but I hope they make the explanation good when it finally comes.   

Whoa Ė Karen is a tough one.  Having Frank hauled to the Psych ward was quite the move.  I missed the final confrontation between him and Ricky so I donít know how bad that got but I was surprised to see her having him tied down!!  Whatever you gotta do girl, Iím with ya! 

Where the hell is Chris??  He gets the award from me for the most underused and under appreciated actor on any ABC show right now.  Why he re-signed (or so I hear), I donít know but Iím glad he did.  They just better use him Ė NOW!! 

When Lucy and Alison left the barn after seeing the ruined portrait (stupid little Livvie girl!) were they leaving the way everyone comes and goes??  Because Iím thinking it would be hard to get a business going when the customers have to walk through a field to get there.  They were tripping over boulders (before they even went off what is supposed to be the path) and warning each other of holes, etc.  I donít think there is any candle worth breaking your neck for.  

Ed being Rafeís father is no surprise I guess, though it did surprise me at the time.  But after thinking about it I think it makes sense.  Not a bad touch.  I am mildly interested in the whole ďselling your soulĒ thing.  I am really glad he didnít come back as a little old man as Ed suggested!  I am not looking forward to watching Livvie try to seduce him; you know sheís going to.  GRRRÖIím really sick of Livvie.  I donít know how they are going to redeem her, should be interesting.   

Jamal and Alisonís scenes at the jail were great.  I really appreciate both of these actors and I thought they did a great job with that stuff.  At least friends like Jack and Jamal help balance out pain-in-the-a** Livvie! 

I loved that Lucy bailed Alison out and I loved their scenes at the barn.  Lucy was perfect when she got mad at Alison and started doubting again and I think itís appropriate that she somewhere deep down knows that Alison didnít do it.  I like these two together too.   

James and Ed are fun to watch together too, itís a great treat to see these two great actors (IMO) regularly again.  I watched both of them on previous shows and I have to say these roles they have are pretty perfect for them.  No one can be creepy like Charles Keating (apart from the guy that plays Faison Ė heís even creepier, canít think of his name!).  I enjoy all of their scenes. 

Overall, I enjoy watching the show lately.  But I guess Iím just a little tired of having to try to constantly figure out whatís going on.  I have been pretty busy with real life lately so I just havenít had the time to ponder the evil v. good thing.  I may just be waiting until the answers are handed to me on a silver platter (hopefully without Kevinís head on it too!) and ponder it then!   

Iíll be back soon Ė maybe I will have more to say next time!  If you all have any theories you want to share, feel free!  Iíd love someone to explain it to meÖ




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