September 29, 2005 

Wow, a lot has happened in the last few months.  I cannot tell you how many times I have cooked up a great article in my head, only to have it not make it to the computer.   I told the fabulous Mrs. K a few months ago that I was dealing with a lot of personal stuff, and my column would need to be on sabbatical for a while, but I never realized how much I would miss it!  

My personal life is a wreck (Don’t worry, Yogi is fine!) so I have really enjoyed my 20 mins (I have Tivo, and skip the commercials and stuff I am not interested in, so a 1 hour show is only about 20 mins.) of fantasy soap life. 

Maxie and Jesse 

I was really excited about this potential hot couple at first, but that has quickly fizzled.  I am not at all impressed with the route the writers are taking.  I really liked the chemistry between the two characters and felt like they had mucho potential, but I am bored with the whole.. Maxie stay out of trouble I want to protect you, blah blah blah.  Give them something better than this lame low burning campus drug storyline.  I think this could be a great story, but since this is the Corinthos Show, the writing for this story sucks and I am just waiting for Sonny’s inevitable involvement in it.   From what I have read, the Ruiz family may be involved so there you go, Sonny will probably play a big part. 

Alcazar and Skye 

Me likes it.   I think Alcazar is a major hottie and I think Skye is gorgeous and since it appears that they are never going to do much with Luke and Skye, I say bring on SkyeZar or whatever name they have been penned.  Ted King is my new favorite “boyfriend” on the show.  For years it was Jax, but since Jax has become such a doofus and such a hypocrite snake like character, he can no longer be my boyfriend. 

JB as Carly 

I was so disappointed to learn that JB is being let go.   I may be in the minority, but I thought she did a great job as Carly.  Sarah Brown’s Carly was somewhat similar.  Neither are real girlie girls, they both have some masculine, hard edged qualities and I think Carly needs that trait.   Bobbie was tough girl when she first arrived in PC nad I can’t believe that her daughter would be much different.   I loved TB and thought that she brought a new approach to the Carly character, but she never captured the toughness of Carly.   Carly is tough, she can kick some ass when needed and I think the actress that plays Carly needs to look like she could hold her own.  TB looked like she would blow away in strong winds.  Sarah and Jennifer are not big girls by any stretch, but they both look solid enough to take on a enemy if needed. 

Sonny and Emily 

No comment.  

Nik and Courtney 

Not sold on them either, but I am glad it’s not Nik and Emily 

Jax and ….. 

I think Jax needs to be single for a while.  The only person I have liked him with since Brenda was Alexis.  Alexis is the only girlfriend character he has treated nice since Brenda. 

Reese Marshall 

I can’t stand her.  I wish she and Sonny would get on a big boat and sail away…….. 

Jason and Sam 

One of my favorites right now.  I am loving Jason not being sonny’s man-bitch anymore.   I really like Sam and Jason together as a couple, and although I am totally excited about Robin coming back, I really don’t want to see a triangle with Jason and Sam.   I wonder how Robin would do with Jax or Nik? 

Overall I am not as unhappy with the show as I had been, but it still has a lot of work to do.  So for now The View From the Couch is cluttered by Barbies, play make-up (the inventor should be beaten), school books, paper and all the McDonalds Happy Meal toys that Yogi has been chewing on……. 


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