by Katrina Rasbold


I'VE GOT IT!!!  Horshack.  Sorel looks like Horshack from "Welcome Back Kotter!"

Chloe and Stefan are GREAT together!!  I love how sinister he is being and how you can see that he is unexpectedly intrigued and amused by her.  I like the energy between the two of them better than between Chloe and Jax.

 Taggert not only wore gloves, but a dead body actually reeked on a soap.  Love it!

 I loved the way Zander yammered out his whole story to Emily, just like a good soap bad guy should. 

 Amber Tamblyn was outstanding once again.  Man, that girl can sure do scared!!

 Carly and Sonny starting to reconnect, just a little, I enjoy.  I like the pairing even if I donít like the character of Carly much.  Like Sonny and Jason, Iím starting to understand her, but I donít think weíll do lunch anywhere soon.

 Iím still very much enjoying the presence of Jason, which remains a surprise to me.  After a long period of indifference to the character, his smile and way with Carly and Sonny is refreshing.

 Luke and Roy were great fun together, but see ďhated itĒ for the disguise rant.

 Itís good to see Gia starting to find her place and settle into PC.  I like the chemistry between her and Nikolas and look forward to that progression, as well as her interaction with Taggert once their true relationship is revealed. 

 Seeing Flea was more tolerable than I expected.  Letís keep them together this time, shall we?  She needs to be off the streets.

 Lila was so wonderful with Carly!  I do love her character.

 ďDid the batís carcass wash up yet?Ē  Heh heh heh.


 How dumb is Emily?  Really?  I couldnít believe she was hanging around Zanderís car, peering into it like sheíd left her wallet inside or something.

 Luke would have better disguises, I would think.  In fact, can we ever get disguises on this show that make people look different?  Bring back the days of Mac and Kevin in dragÖnow THERE were some disguises!!

 Whatís with Macís sudden forgiving nature?  We should  have had more lead in to his change of heart.  Itís too startling.

 Dang!  I donít like Hannah and Taggert either!  Although slightly more tolerable than Hannah and Sonny or Hannah and AJ, Iím finding myself in search of the common denominatorÖ

 Two words in Hannahís ear:  restraining order.

 Edward, stop sniping and griping and start scheming!

 Where are you, Tracy, when we need you?

 Jason should have KICKED Luckyís ass.  THAT would have been entertainment!

 See you next week!


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