Eye on Soaps Staff List

We here at Eye On Soaps are blessed with a dedicated and talented staff of contributors who are instrumental in the success of the site.  It is the hard work of these people that distinguishes EOS from the rest.  Click on the staff member's name to read their profile.

CAROLYN ASPENSON:  "Carolyn's World" columnist

TRIXIE BEAUMONT:  "View From the Couch" columnist for GH, et al.

SAGE BOURLAND:  "Sage's Spoiler Party" columnist for OLTL & GH and Sage's Intimate Confessions (off topic).

KATE BROWN:  "A Cynic Soaps Up" columnist for AMC and OLTL and "AMC Spoilers With Commentary."

DAYNA:  "Fashion Police" columnist for GH.

DIANNA:  "Dianna's Dimensions" columnist for GH and "Odds & Ends" (off topic).

SARAH DOCTOR:  Columnist for "Sarah Doctor In The House" for AMC, GH and OLTL and "Out On a Limb" (off topic).

DAVID HUMPHREYDave Explains It All (off topic) columnist.

JOE HUMPHREYUp Your Mind (off topic) columnist.

JENJEN:  "Soap Bubbles" columnist for GH.

KAREN H:  "Confessions of a Media Ho" columnist for GH, AMC and off topic.

KATHY HARDEMAN:  "On the Soap Box" columnist for GH and "Get on the Bus" columnist.

KELLYB:  "Kelly's Diner" columnist.

SHERRY MERCURIO:  Message board monitor, "Sherry's Jubilee" (off topic)

KATRINA RASBOLD:  Site owner & webmaster,  graphic artist, "Katrina's NonSoapy Journal," "Spooky Stories," and "As Easy As ABC."  All around fire putter outer, chief cook and bottle washer.

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Katrina would like to thank our staff for all the hard work and
caring that they contribute every week to Eye On Soaps!