What If?
A Pondering of Possibilities for General Hospital

By Carolyn Aspenson 

I have to be honest I’ve not watched much of General Hospital this week. The TV was on but either a child, a load of laundry, one of 3 dogs or a cat kept me distracted. I did however get to see Carly shave Alcazar and that freshly shaven face made my heart go aflutter. Okay, so did seeing his bulging biceps so sue me! 

Needless to say, assuming that Kathy will likely rant and ramble through each and every important and useless detail of General Hospital (she does it better than anyone!),  I thought I would take a different angle this week. The “What if” angle.  

What if Scotty was a GOOD District Attorney?

What if Alan and Monica had storylines?

What if Gia had a job and still went to college to be a lawyer?

What if Carly didn’t have a whore blouse?

What is Taggert didn’t get shipped to Oregon?

What if Carly fell in love with Alcazar?

What if Courtney was never in the picture in the first place?

What if the “real” Lucky, Jonathan Jackson, came back and we found out the NuNuLucky was a long lost Cassadine?

What if Laura came back with Luke?

What if Bobbie had a breast reduction?

What if Caleb vampired his way through ALL of Port Charles?

What if Maxie destroyed BJ’s heart with all those drugs she’s doing?

What if Dillion didn’t have such bad hair but kept his cute smile?

What if Sonny actually acted like a father to Michael?
What if Leticia quit?

What if Penny quit?

What if they both went to Passions?

What if Alexis told Sonny that Kristina is his child?

What if Ned and Skye found out they really ARE cousins?

What if Michael Jordan hadn’t retired from basketball again?

What if Cameron was more than a bit player?

What if AJ actually regained custody of Michael?

What if daytime TV went commercial-less?

What if Edward and Monica had an affair?

What if Reginald and Penny hooked up?

What if we had a Coleman sighting?

What if kids didn’t pick their noses?

What if Jason got beat up and became ‘Old Jason’ again?

What if AJ and Gia became lovers?

What if the “New Coke” were still around?

What if Katrina won the lottery?

What if Liz were in a love triangle with the real Lucky and Jason?

What if Carly actually was ‘Caroline’ and Sarah Brown came back as ‘Carly’ to see she’d had her identity stolen? Not to mention her husband and child!

What if it weren’t “I before E except after C”?

What if Emily and Zander broke up? FOR GOOD?

What if Jason and Carly had sex while Sonny was out being a mob boss?

What if Michael ASKED to live with AJ?

What if Alexis found out she wasn’t a Cassadine?

What if Bobbie became a lesbian and wanted to be with Faith?

What if Emily actually acted and looked as though she has cancer?

What if Lydia were replaced by the ‘real’ Lydia?  (Don’t quote me, but I think that’s more than just a ‘what if’!)

What if Nikolas and Emily did more than say goodbye everyday?

What if chocolate had no fat and calories?

What if Helena came back married to Luke?

What if Stefan had a good storyline?

What if AJ got a job at Kellys?

What if we never saw the Joe Boxer guy again?

What if Liz and Jax became lovers?

What if Bobbie didn’t get Botox shots?

What if everyone at GH recognizes Livvie from Port Charles?

What if Lila finally decided she’d had enough of Edward, for good?

What if Ned and Penny starting dating?

What if there were more romance and less mob action on GH?

What if Lucy and Kevin got to come back to GH as promised?

What if Bobbie were the mob boss?

What if Guza gave the women of GH spines?

What if Felicia came back from Texas?

What if black wasn’t slimming?

What if Courtney and AJ got back together?

What if that really was Duke on Port Charles?

What if Mac and Faith fell in love?

What if Gore never invented the internet?

What if Ric weren’t psycho?

What if I could write these what ifs indefinitely?

What if Gia and Zander were given a chance at romance?

What if Emily stopped saying I’m sorry?

What if Y really was a vowel?

What if Lucky grew his hair out?

What if Maxie plucked her eyebrows?

What if Kyle was arrested for drugs?

What if Faith had a heart? (Her own, not one she ripped out of someones chest!)

What if Kathy missed an episode of GH?

What if Kobe Bryant didn’t sexually assault that woman? 

These are just a few simple thoughts I tend to ponder over throughout my day. Now maybe one of you will have something to think about while you eat bon bons and watch daytime TV. (Yeah, right! Like any of us get to do THAT!)  

Have a great week! Enjoy GH!

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