(This week will be more AMC-centric.)
"Don't do it, Bianca. Send then all to hell where they belong." -- Kendall Hart.

What was Kendall saying?

A) "Don't file a complaint against Jonathan, send Maggie, Greenlee, and Ryan all to hell where they belong."

B) "Don't OK a plea bargain. Send Krystal, David, Tad and Babe all to hell where they belong."

C) "Don't testify for J.R.  Send J.R., Adam, and anyone else involved with them all to hell where they belong."

D) "Don't get on that plane to Poland. Send Lena and her mother straight to hell where they belong."

So many dilemmas, so little time in which to solve them. A hard task, even for Saint Bianca. Kendall was, of course, referring to choice B. She's against it. And she convinces Bianca to go along with her.

"I never paid Bobby off, not one thin dime" -- Edmund to Maria.

Well, no, but there sure were a few stacks o'cash wired over to the Cayman Islands, about a million thin bills, right, Eddie?

"Don't compare me to Braden, I'm nothing like that son-of-a-bitch." -- Jonathan to Jack.

Um, yes, yes you are, Johnny-boy. Braden took out his anger on women by raping them, you use your fists. Different acts of violence, yes, but both directed against women.

"I just want to pick up my stuff and leave, pick up and get out of this town for good." -- Maggie to Bianca.

"You can. You can leave with me." -- Bianca back to Maggie.

Who knew Cambias Industries wanted Bianca to be a presence at its HQ in Paris? How conVENient!

(Paris is such a convenience to the residents of PV -- and close, too, unless all the PV corporate jets are all retired Concordes. Erica and Jack played footsie there -- with Erica as a French maid, Leo and Greens were planning to move there -- and had bought an apartment), and now Binks, Maggie and Miraculanda. Maybe they'll run into Robin Scorpio  -- who, through her mother's marriage to David, is sort of a cousin to Maggie, n'est ce pas?)


Since when didn't Jonathan know that big bro Braden raped Jack's sister? Everyone else in PV knows.

Didja notice the old photo of three brothers and a little sis that Jonathan was staring at? (yes, you did!)  Will there be another Lavery in town? And why exactly did Chris Stamp lie, and how did he plan to cover it up (had he lived)?

EDMUND? WALKING (not to mention pushing a Dumpster)? SANS GOATEE?


Those Quartermaines really come together at a funeral of their own. AJ's death was no exception, although it well could have been. Again, raw emotion and gratitude for Jason's presence. Not enough for dear ol' Dad, though. "I buried one of my sons today; the other one's been dead for years." Wow. Talk about  guilt. And Alan's trying to assuage his own guilt by asking Jason to help find the killer. Jason, the thug. Jason, who has the least allegiance to AJ, considering the damage AJ did to him while driving drunk. Among other trespasses.  At least Skye was honest when she delivered her eulogy, the only Q -- and really not a Q at that -- who did so.

Judging by the look on Carly's face when Alexis said she was pregnant, was she wondering if it was Sonny's?


A Dr. Tony Jones retrospective (loved it when Luke used to call him "Ex-Doc-Bro-In-Law") and some fond memories of the "I Love Lucci" retrospective recently shown on SoapNet.

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