Goodbye, Edmund. You seem to have taken much information with you to your grave, though it appears that Brooke may be able to pull some off your laptop and whatever else you left behind at Tempo. Curious how the physical therapist was so certain that Eddie wasn't mobile, but Eddie's been known to make a payoff before. This should turn out to be a many-layered story (I'm still wondering what Zach's up to), and I'm looking forward to watching it play out. When they throw the SORAS-ed Sam back into the mix (hmmm...a love interest for Lily?), poor Maria will have even more sturm und drang to handle. (Wonder if Eva LaRue is still planning to move West now that she's got a meaty storyline to work with?)

I once liked the character of Edmund Grey. When they show the Edmund Montage at his memorial/funeral (and you know they will), there will be many old scenes and situations to make you say, "Oh, yeah, that was good." I'll never forget his first date with Maria, which ended up in the hayloft of the stable (how ironic is that?). In the middle of a heavy makeout session, Maria grabbed her purse and gleefully pulled out a condom. (Okay, it'll never live up to Jason Morgan ripping open a condom packet with his teeth before a tryst with Carly, but it's up there...and now I'm thinking of a future column...) Mind out of the gutter, now, Edmund was an integral part of the show for quite a while, from demanding his rightful place in the Marick family to the whole Sam adoption saga, from cross-dressing with Tad in order to sneak into Hungary to kidnapping Erica and holding her prisoner in the Vladzl (Hungarian version of Wildwind) cellar. His romances with Brooke and Maria, the angst with Maddie's eventual conception, kidnapping and return, then the "death" of Maria in a plane crash. And these are just the highlights I remember off the top of my head! Yet it does seem they are mourning that man, not the one who just died. Very intriguing.

On a lighter note, here's something I omitted from a previous column, regarding the alley fight between Ryan and Zach. How many female catfights happen in alleys? Don't they usually happen in water, or with food, or some element that makes the actors disheveled, wet, muddy? Okay, then, how about some equal time? Ryan and Zach could have bumped into each other in the sauna, wrapped only in towels, and started the fight there. From the sauna, a logical move to either the gym's pool, or -- better yet -- mud room, to finish the fight properly. Imagine the end result. Rrrowl.

Maurice Benard is certainly building a good Emmy reel as Sonny reacts to the possibility that his son has been murdered. His ravaged face alone sends shudders up my spine. Tamara Braun is also putting her last days on the set to good use, sending out some believable emotion and then rage at her Uncle Luke's possible involvement with Faith's escape. Steve Burton's Jason also displayed rare emotion, and I don't think it's over yet.

As Faith was receiving several unwanted visitors in her hospital room yesterday, I was reminded of that great film version of Agatha Christie's "Murder On The Orient Express," where many people had a motive for murder and each did play a part in the victim's death. First Jason, then Elizabeth, and then Justus. There will probably be more people in and out of that room, including the entire Quartermaine clan. Alan, despondent over first his son and now his son's son, has the most clout as Chief of Staff; let's see how he uses it. Perhaps Faith will be the victim of many small scalpel jabs, each one insufficient to kill her, but enough as a group of wounds to do her in. Presto, no one jabber can then be convicted!

This is turning into a fine sweeps story, involving many cast members, not to mention the hospital, and I'm enjoying it. Except...I really don't want Faith to die! Recast Carly (if you must), but without Faith, the only evil-but-enjoyable female characters are Tracy and Helena, and where have they been lately? (Yes, Rachel is stepping up to the plate, but to me, she's pure evil, without the qualities that make Tracy and Helena women we love to hate.) Please, GH, keep the Faith!

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