What pills those little Grey kids have turned into. The new Maddie (whom I had hoped I'd like, as I'd really, really rooted for the shooter to miss Chris Stamp and hit that whiny little brat) sure takes after her self-righteous Grandma Santos. Sam is as condemning as his late adoptive father. He lashes out at Maria and stalks out of the (rampless) room, just in time for Isabella to show up and take her own cuts at her daughter. "She invited pain into this house. She made it welcome." I guess I missed the announcement that it was "Beat On Maria Day," not St. Patrick's Day. Is it now the custom to torture your daughter on the day of her husband's funeral? At least Anita and Mateo (via phone) offered comfort and support (Rosa, for some unexplained reason, is in Egypt). What's next? "Hoo-lia" escapes the Witness Protection Program to bitch-slap her big sis? All over a man who turned out to be a royal putz.

There's already been one Edmund montage, with more to come, I'm sure. I'd forgotten how he once had "Eraserhead" hair!

Don't you love it when Erica and Greenlee (Erica-Gonna-Be) get into it? Man, those sparks fly!

I'm wondering if Peggy (the wonderful Irish woman who tended to "Eddie" and "Dimmy," played by the incomparable Anne Meara) will surprise us with an appearance at the funeral. It would have been nice to see her dishing out tea, sympathy and shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day.

Well, they pulled it off, and I would be remiss not to congratulate TPTB for enticing Billy Warlock back for an interesting twist in the kidnapping storyline. They probably had to mortgage their Porsches, but it's money well spent. And now Rachel makes total sense. I'll bet she injected him with something that made him appear dead for a period of time, as he looked quite the corpse in the morgue scene with Alan.

I'm loving the mind games A.J.'s laying on Michael. Playing on his insecurities, bringing up the fact that he's not Sonny's biological child, so that Michael will believe that Sonny and Carly gave A.J. permission to take him away. Cruel, yes, but A.J.'s no stranger to cruelty. He's been on both sides of it himself.

The scenes between Sonny and Luke were powerful. Sonny's poignant memories (even quoting John Lennon - "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans") brought back many of my own. Taking out Frank Smith, camping trips with Lucky (and piercing his ear, much to Laura's horror), Luke's kindnesses to Stone, their partnership in the blues club...all leading up to "Luke's alive because he's my friend." Nice use of history. More, please!

Do Jason and Sam remind you of Nick and Nora ("The Thin Man") Charles? Nope, me neither.


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