Erica/Brooke/Maria -- what a triangle!

Erica to Maria: "I know that you've already had have you moved on to fathers and sons?"

Brooke: "HUH...looks like I got here just in time."

WOO-HOO! Bring it on! Maria and Erica haven't shared nearly as many men as Brooke and Erica, but this looks promising!

Erica to Brooke: "Forgive me, but I can only hear one of Edmund's widows at a time." RRROWWL!

Brooke did look a little green when Maria spouted off about Edmund's (supposed) disability and then blamed Zach for spreading the "rumor" about it.

Maria: "The demented Ms. Kane...I want to drop-kick you to Philly."

Brooke: "You are hate and spite with an expensive haircut."


That Sam's got some set of cojones on him. First, he attacks Maria at Edmund's funeral, humiliating her in front of a packed chapel. Then he tries to take off, with little sis Maddie in tow. Finally, he goes to visit "the man who killed my father" in jail. Yet he shows some loyalty to his mother while berating Zach. This is one conflicted kid.

IT'S ROOTIN' TOOTIN' EMILY! My gosh, how did she ever go from having wine and appetizers with Lucky at Wyndemere to being behind the counter at Kelly's, expertly working a pump-action rifle? Should we rename her Annie Oakley? Ye gods and little fishes!

Alan's rapid descent into alcohol abuse somehow doesn't surprise me. Tracy rallies the Qs around him, but can't resist this zinger: "Commemorating your son by indulging in his greatest weakness?" YOWZA!

Boy, did they move fast from the concept of Michael's memorial playground to architect designs to ceremony. These architects must in some way be connected to the airline that flies between The Chuckles and "the islands." The most efficient scheduling ever seen.

This Enzo character looks like he was stolen straight out of the "Godfather" movies, except, of course, GH would never stoop to such thievery. Any similarity between Jason's slo-mo shootout at the Louisiana church and the penultimate scene of "Godfather Part III" is purely coincidental.

We know of the link between "GH" and "Desperate Housewives," namely, Guza and Pratt (though Guza's name doesn't seem to be on the credits these days...though who would know, as we haven't seen an original episode in forever). There also seems to be a Tyler Christopher link. His ex-wife, Eva Longoria, is the hottie Desperate Housewife, Gabrielle. Rumor has it that cousin Derk Cheetwood (who plays Max on GH) is making an appearance. Looks like we can start a "Six Degrees of Tyler Christopher" game going here. Interesting is that a (fairly) recent GH/DH crossover was made by the actor who plays GH's Lucas. He plays Justin, Gabrielle's new gardener and potential boy toy...but wait! After blackmailing Gabrielle to sleep with him, he then admits it's to prove he's not gay. Then he's caught in a pool, sans trunks, with another teenaged boy. We may learn the story behind this when ABC finally throws us an all-new episode this Easter Sunday. At least Lucas has been doing something more interesting than diabetes camp!


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