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March 28, 2003

I Have to Laugh or I'll Start Crying and Not Be Able to Stop

... and it's just a show, just a soap opera.  I realized I was in trouble when I sat down on Saturday to begin working on the GH Spoiler Commentary and couldn't seem to form full sentences.  They all looked something like. "What th'...?" and "Why in the name of God...?"  I realized that I really hated the show.. a lot.  There are still some real glimmers here and there, but overall, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I'm going to keep going with it for the site and so that I'm not behind on info, so I'm forced to do what I always do when I'm in an unshirkable, stressful situation.  I make fun of it.  Here, for your perusal are a few jokes at GH's expense:

1).  Why are there no longer "next on GH" segments?

Because if you know that tomorrow's show is going to suck as bad as the one you just saw, you won't watch.

2).  What do villains say when they are thwarted by Maxie, Lucas and Georgie?

"And I would have gotten away with it if it wudn't for you maudlin kids."

3).  Why is Tony Geary's picture even in the new pic on's page when every day is about the other four pictured:

You have to study the picture carefully.   You'll notice the ambulance is far away from Sonny, Carly is in front of him to protect him "just in case," the ambulance is moving away from Super Couple Journey and aimed at plowing right through Luke.  Luke symbolizes history, nonFabFour characters and the voice of reason.  He is being plowed down. 

Well, crap.  It just stopped being funny.  I'll try for the spoiler commentary this weekend.


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